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Three septuagenarians walk 180km of the Corfu Trail in eight days, from 18-30’s Kavos to picturesque Agni. The three oldies photograph flowers and sample Corfiot cuisine.  Each day their local guest-walkers tell their stories. These 15 interviews help one understand Corfu.  The maps and description of their walk will be invaluable for those who want to experience this spectacular and hilarious hike. The photos of the flowers are the first published for the island.

"No one feels the beat of Corfu's heart more keenly than John Waller. His latest book, 'Walking the Corfu Trail', captures the magic of this beautiful island in such a way that by the end of the journey you know the place so well that you can almost call it home."
Mark Palmer, Daily Mail

"An enchanting book and a great companion for the walker and lover of nature and flowers."
Tony Maniscolco, Ramblers World Wide Holidays

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Here the three are seen at journey's end with one of their guest walkers, Patricia Cookson, founder of CV Travel. Other guests include Corfu Trail founder Hilary Paipeti; Greek waymarker Harry, who 'walks like a Sports Range Rover off-road'; the author's life-long friend Fotis, just back from running round Mount Olympos; retired English teachers Bill and Barbara; and German rocket engineer Dierk, his French wife Christine and their Greek dog.

There are six detailed Freytag & Berndt maps which guide the walker along the Corfu Trail

Thirteen photos of the views along the Corfu Trail

Three photos of scenes they witnessed

Ten vistas of the beautiful flowers that cover the island

Photos of 48 flowers, mention of further 102 identified and 23 more orchids

Plus 14 recipes of Greek food that are cooked by the author in the UK

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